Welcome to the Zaidel Lab

Zaidel Lab

The lab approaches cognitive neuroscience from the vantage point of hemispheric specialization and interhemispheric interaction in humans. The two hemispheres serve as a model system for modularity and intermodular communication in the mind/brain. We use a convergent approach, combining anatomy (cortical asymmetries, the structure of the corpus callosum), physiology (PET, fMRI, EEG, ERP, TMS, EEG biofeedback) and behavior (hemifield tachistoscopy, dichotic listening).

We study normal subjects, neurological/neurosurgical (e.g., split brain and hemispheric damage) cases, and congenital clinical populations (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD, autism). Domains that are actively pursued currently include sensory-motor integration; mirror neurons; numbers; attention and its modulation (neglect, sleep deprivation, EEG biofeedback); hemispheric specialization for language with special attention to pragmatics; emotion and its disorders (alexithymia, anxiety, depression); error monitoring; self recognition; and hemispheric specialization and integration in social cognition.